First of all, see our last post What to Look for in a Basic Web Design? If you have not finished your brand new website design yet, we want to share with you some key points to keep in mind when launching your site.

We all want our newly designed website to be spotless once is finished and ready to be shared with clients. How can we make sure that it will be so? How can we be 100% sure that everything is gonna be up and running smoothly and that not only clients but also search engines will appreciate it accordingly? What kind of tests can I run to double check that everything has been developed properly?

Regardless of who has developed the website design, we always can run a simple test to check critical website features to make sure it meets a minimum standard.

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Features that bestow value to your website

Although it is hard to make a simple list, we can highlight the most relevant points in any given website design.

Step 1 – Find the key elements of your website

Among the most important points, you should keep in mind the following:

  • Images file weight
  • Images file size
  • h1, h2, h3 labels from each page
  • Title, Description and Keywords
  • Loading time
  • Call To Action elements
  • Responsive design

Why all these matters?

It is absolutely essential to speed up the loading time of our website which is crucial when it comes to positioning and user experience but most importantly, to attract and entice potential clients.

Step 2 – Check the elements of your website

It is very important to optimize images. This is paramount and often overlooked. What most people do is they get high-resolution pictures either from a professional photographer or from a stock company website and then have them uploaded to the site without any optimization process. Well, this is a big mistake because it slows thing down massively. Please check the exact size you need and never forget to optimize them. There are lots of tools out there.

Can you tell the difference?

without optimiceOptimice image
Original image – 91kbOptimized image – 31kb


It’s almost half the size! Now start adding up every single image from your entire site.

How about the h1, h2, h3 labels?

Without getting deep into search engine optimization, it is fundamental to have a sole and unique h1 label for each page. If you buy a website template (i.e. and try to develop your site using WordPress, often the developer will not pay enough attention to the positioning of your site on search engines let alone the use of HTML elements correctly, chances are that he will use them in a way that may negatively affect your SEO.

What service/product should we offer on our website?

Try to promote your website content. Check the title, keywords, description and the image´s alt on each page so they include the keyword directed to your service/product.

Don´t forget to include effective CTAs in order to engage your visitors pushing them to go ahead giving you their contact details or even buying from you.

What about the way your website looks on mobile devices?

This is vital, as Google says: “at these times, consumers are increasingly picking up their smartphones for answers. In fact, more Google searches take place on mobile devices than on computers in 10 countries including the US and Japan”.

How should you check our site on mobile devices (smartphones, tablets, etc…)?

Just to make life easier you can take full advantage of Google Chrome tools for developers and also online sites like where you can test how your site will look like on a tablet, smartphone, desktop computer or even on TV!

Why do we need all of the above elements? Is it really worth it?

In a few words, all we want is to make your website as appealing to your visitors, potential clients and search engines as possible. The good news is that all of that can be done at the same time. This is the best groundwork you can ever lay to put your future clients at ease when browsing your website.

7 tasks to check before launching your website

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